There is some debate as to whether or not you even need conditioner. For the most part, you do, unless you have super fine hair that looks lifeless when you use a conditioner. Hair care products, brushing, drying, curling and straightening your hair can be damaging, not to mention colors or perms. A conditioner can replenish and protect your hair from these damaging elements. To avoid oily or dull looking hair on the crown of your head, only apply conditioner to the length of your hair and avoid the scalp.

dry and damaged hair

The average human head has 150,000 hairs, and, conformists that they are, when one's dry, they're all dry. But unlike a dry flower garden or polished rice, the solution is not simply to add water. Water, in fact, may be responsible for the hair's parched condition, particularly if we're talking about water of the salty, chlorinated, or sudsy variety. The market is flooded with products for dry, overheated, and damaged hair, from shampoos, conditioners, to serums and masks. It can be a daunting task to know which product is right for you.